Shanghai Bairo Home Elevator (BALO) is a manufacturer and maintainer of home elevators. BALO is recognized as a global service company, and with its innovative products and services to become widely acclaimed home elevator production company.BALO has been adhering to the ...【View details】



As a global service company, providing home elevator services to more than 200 countries


Support more than 30 customized, tailored art grade elevator products


Service centers and exhibition halls have been set up in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities.


Provide intimate service, 24-hour technical support allows you to worry-free after-sales
BALO (Shanghai) Elevator Co., Ltd.

Our products


Why choose us

  • Small footprint
  • Art aesthetics
  • Customization

The home elevator only needs a small installation space, which can bring you a comfortable experience. Its compact drive system and unique dual rail technology allow the elevator to be installed almost anywhere in the home.

It has the space adaptability unmatched by other elevators, and the transformation and destruction of the building is very small.

We regard the elevator as the 1 kind of space art, and hope that through this visible and tangible work, our customers can experience this exquisite and elegant.

The integrated design, coupled with the minimalist structure design, reflects the beauty of the device and the architectural style.

Tailored unique artistic taste of the elevator products, both practical and functional, perfect with the decoration style. Break the traditional fixed collocation, high luxury experience, enjoy immediately.

Clear process: sales service-production and manufacturing-equipment installation-completion owner acceptance-filing continuous tracking


ARD Power-off device

In case of sudden power outage, the power outage emergency rescue system will automatically start, control the elevator to run to the nearest position and open the door to ensure the safe departure of passengers from the elevator car.

Safe child lock function

In order to eliminate the potential safety hazard caused by children touching the elevator by mistake, we have added a safety child lock for comprehensive protection, so that children can enter the car alone.

A key to self-rescue

If you or your family encounter a sudden failure while taking the elevator, press the one-key rescue button, and the elevator will automatically run to the nearest position and open the door to release people, thus realizing never being trapped.

Running the black box

Relying on the Internet of Things technology, remote data monitoring, real-time monitoring of elevator parameters and operating status, early warning of faults, to ensure that the elevator always maintains the best operating state.

One-key dialing function

Five numbers can be preset. When you or your family members encounter emergencies when taking the ladder, you can dial one key to maintain communication with the outside world, making the ladder more at ease.

Intelligent anti-detention

When passengers stay in the elevator for more than 5 minutes, the system will automatically send detention reminders through the sound and light system to control the situation of their families taking the elevator in the first place.

BALO's Core Values


We are committed to making things simple. Our goal is to be a good partner and supplier, ensuring that the information and orders we provide are easy to understand, and that the installation and use of the products are simple.


We believe that only good product quality can satisfy customers and partners.


We believe that innovation leads to continuous growth and sustainable success. For us, innovation is 1 a culture and ideology that is never afraid to try new ideas and see things from new angles, which can make our products better, simpler and more effective.


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